Climate resilience analysis

Some African countries are already experiencing the impact of climate change, exposing especially the most vulnerable people. It becomes urgent to assist the public sector to plan for climate, and educate the communities to protect the environment. Bizisol provides services on climate Resilience analysis (natural hazard, like floods, drought and other disaster), Climate Change adaptation and mitigation, urban planning and more.

Gender equality

Women in Africa are responsible for household duties like energy for lighting and cooking, they are also engaged in small business to increase household's income. Women and girls are the most exposed to lack of energy problems. By empowering women as clean energy distribution agents, we are promoting
gender equality. Instead of being the main victims of energy poverty we are encouraging and making women, the key players in clean energy distribution game.

Capacity building

Bizisol will offer efficacious programmes in capacity building, including strengthening the products knowledge, and the advantages of using quality products.

BiziSol shall train the local entrepreneurs as door to doors sales agents and teach them about the efficient use of the equipment. Bizisol will provide management capability of private and public sectors as well as educating communities about clean energy and E- commerce benefits. Community-scale programmes can educate households about clean energy and income generation.

Community development

Although efforts to promote commercially viable renewable energy have been at many stages of discussion, affordability has been a key barrier to their widespread adoption. On the
other hand, affordable energy services have been among the fundamental elements of social and economic development, including eradication of extreme poverty, improving health and education, and increasing the human labour required to meet other basic needs, by providing the energy and connectivity needed for creating new businesses and jobs. Therefore, Bizisol aims at roviding energy oriented programmes in off-grid areas that focus on productive uses of renewable energy and connectivity as the entry point for community development.