biziSol aims to do its part of contribution to achieve the
Sustainable Development Agenda.
We will do it by delivering affordable clean energy and
connectivity to a half million people by 2030.
Delivering Clean Energy
Meeting community's Lighting needs. Delivering Productive energy to
small businesses, clinics and Schools. Providing mobile Connectivity to
rural areas. Paving the way for


Using Clean energy is reducing carbon footprint

  • Replacing kerosene and diesel usage will save a minimum of 2,000 Tons of CO2 per year.
  • Education on clean energy usage will increase awareness on climate change in communities.


Improving life for communities

  • Increase study time more than 50%, and brightness by 100%
  • Reduce risk of respiratory illness
  • Reduce risk of fire
  • Reduce risk of rape in the dark.
  • Allow the teachers to improve their skills.
  • Save lives of new born in off- grid clinics
  • Improve workers' conditions in off -grid health care facilities

Green Growth

Empowering women in clean energy. Delivering energy for productive use to MSMEs .

Our energy micro-finance will:

  • Increase productivity for off- grid MSMEs
  • Stimulate new jobs creation
  • Drive connectivity
  • Facilitate E-Trade adoption
  • open the doors for new Micro, Small and Medium businesses.
  • Enhancing digital finance inclusion and mobile money usage
  • Savings on current kerosene and diesel generators expenses.
    Drive Africa's Green Growth