Connecting Next Africa, By The Sun

Plug, Connect and Trade


Africa is home for more than 600 million people living without access to electricity. They rely on expensive and usually unhealthy sources of energy, for their lighting and productive needs.

With the current trends and the population growth, it will take more than 60 years for every African to have access to grid electricity, according to Africa Progress Panel Report 2015.

Despite the low rate of electrification, Africa has one of the fastest growing rate of smart phone penetration. By 2020 there will be more than 700 million smart phone connections in Africa – more than twice the projected number in North America and not far from the total in Europe, according to GSMA.


Energy poverty is one of the most critical challenges for Africa to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Small scale off- grid energy solutions are available and can improve the energy access for populations in need, but challenges like high upfront cost, high delivery costs, low infrastructure, and local outdated policies make the solutions not affordable for those who need them the most. Innovation is required in technologies, financial and business models to accelerate the ongoing off- grid revolution.


Inclusive Business Solutions for Development - biziSol, is engaged to address the challenge of affordability and availability of energy and connectivity solutions in rural Africa. This will be done through the optimization of the last mile distribution of affordable, high quality and reliable small scale solar solutions. The innovative idea is to build a multi-channel last mile distribution model, combining the physical door to door distribution channel, with a digital distribution network.

biziSol operates an energy micro-finance of the Home Solar Systems (SHS), meeting the households and productive energy needs. We include a mobile phone with internet loaded, in every SHS delivered, with objective to promote connectivity.