Contribute to achieving SDGs, by delivering affordable,sustainable energy and connectivity solutions to a half million households by 2030
Delivering Clean Energy
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  • Replacing kerosene lamps with small solar solutions will save more than 20,000 Tons of CO2
  • Setting up Climate fighters clubs will increase awareness on climate change in community.


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  • Increase study time more than 50%, and brightness by 100%
  • Reduce risk of respiratory illness
  • Reduce risk of fire
  • Reduce risk of rape in the dark.
  • Allow the teachers to improve their skills.

Green Growth

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  • Give jobs to women becoming sales agents
  • Access to energy will:
  • Allow shops to open 3-4 hours extra per day.
  • Allow connection to internet
  • Open doors to E- trade
  • Allow finance inclusion
  • Save over$60 a year per family, spending 2% of their household income on lighting.