Natlon-Solar Yakhanya SHS

Transform your Little Sun Charge into a stylish lamp with a specially-made stand

Little Sun Charge is not only a high-performance solar charger but it’s also a powerful solar light. Use the stand to make the Charge work for you: as a desk lamp, a reading lamp, a lamp for garden parties or for cooking at the campsite and charging your phone at the same time!

Little Sun Charge

Little Sun Charge is a high-performance solar charger with 4400 mAh, featuring a robust inbuilt lamp that frees you from the grid. It brings the power of the sun to your phone, MP3 player, camera, or e-reader: wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Designed by artist Olafur Eliasson and developed by engineer Frederik Ottesen, Little Sun Charge packs both beauty and style into this robust, unique power pack. Take the power of the sun with you wherever you go!

Little Sun Original

The power of the sun in the palm of your hand

Artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen developed Little Sun Original to bring clean, affordable light to the 1.1 billion people worldwide living without electricity in ‘off-grid’ areas.

The iconic high-quality portable solar lamp is the perfect introduction to personal solar-powered light – it’s great for camping, festivals, at the beach, or for brightening your home, garden, or balcony.

Kids love the lamp – as a nightlight or for playtime – which makes it easy to teach them about sustainable living.

Featuring a dimmer, you can easily adjust the brightness of the lamp to what you need. 5 hours of charging in the sun produces more than 50 hours of light at the dimmest setting or 4 hours at the brightest setting.