Our Team

Our Team

Pascal Niyonkuru

Gender & Community Development. Capacity Building.

Pascal Niyonkuru holds a Master degree and a PhD candidate in Development studies from Coventry University, with 7 years working experience in Gender and community development areas. He possesses a strong experience in activities that focus on gender and poverty reduction in developing countries, particularly in Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, DRC, Congo and South Sudan. He has been working with local NGOs and marginalized groups including women and low-income households to:
  • Identify gender issues, suggest remediation measures and incorporate them into the project design.
  • Identify modalities through which the projects can effectively promote the poor, vulnerable groups and women’s greater access to energy resources, services and economic opportunities.
  • Prepare poverty reduction and social strategy, and gender action plan.
  • Conduct poverty analysis and pro-poor impacts within the project area and present findings in the summary poverty reduction and social strategy template

Furthermore, Pascal has an experience in capacity building activities that focus on a broad range of organisational areas, including strategic planning, human resource development, communications and engagement, project management and policy- making by:

  • Supporting capacity building of local organisations (human resource planning, strategic planning to effectively lead, implement, monitor and evaluate a funded programme.
  • Assisting local organisations to develop formal written policies and procedures on proper segregation of duties.
  • Training NGO staff on written policies and procedures to ensure that operating practices and procedures comply with the organisation’s written policies.
  • Providing training and technical assistance on a variety of activities related to interpersonal and strategic communication, such as: developing a communication strategy, delivering a presentation, developing policy briefs, communicating with decision makers/policy makers, working with the mass media, developing press releases and building networking.